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"Department Of Fun Things I Got To Do Last Week And Call Work", #2 - MAXIM sent me to the MLB FanCave to interview All Stars Jose Bautista and David Ortiz about, umm…stuff. I dunno. Something about video games and hat makers that advertise in the magazine a lot throwing a little promotional party on the day of the Home Run Derby in New York. Baseball superstars swing by for a hello and high-five. Answer some silly questions from knuckleheads like me. Digestible content gets made. And everyone has a merry Christmas. All I know is I finally met one of my favorite Red Sox ever, and by met I mean I talked to, hugged and got my chest autographed by Big Papi. Whatevs, I’m a fan. And he was as awesome as advertised. Massive presence. Hugely likable. A genuine star in an age of fakers, freaks and flameouts. Papi’s got it going on.

And I can’t believe Bautista kept the $10 I gave him.

Again, people. This is work. And obviously this work, much like myself, I take very seriously. Someone’s gotta do it. Just be glad it was me and not you. Please…it’s the least I could do for you.

OK, all done with the tardy posts of job video things from last week. Be well. Carry on. Go Sox.

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